Exela Signs with Europe’s Largest Financial Enterprise in Multi-Year Deal

Exela Technologies, Inc. (“Exela”) (NASDAQ: XELA) has signed a multi-year license deal with Finanz Informatik (“FI”) the IT service provider for the Savings Banks Finance Group is Exela, which is a financial institution that has approximately $3.5 trillion in assets, 300,000. Employees and 67,000,000 customers. Exela has been supporting FI in its digital journey since 2006, primarily using their Core Banking System OS Plus.

The new project will provide a standard, complete end-to-end solution that will replace many of those local solutions. Plexus CaseVision will provide the AI-based distribution, control and control of Exela’s Digital Mailroom. Over the next few years, the project will be worth several million dollars.

“FI is one of the most important leaders in IT banking infrastructure and its commitment to implement Exela’s holistic solution embracing AI is a testament to our technology and service capability. We are proud that FI chose to partner with us,” Vitalie Robu is President of Exela and EMEA..

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