FaajiApp allows users to find parties, social hangouts, and concerts around them

The human desire to engage is unstoppable. It must be fed constantly. Positive social connections can improve mental health, make you feel happy and significantly improve your mood.

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It can be difficult to choose the right activity or site to suit your interests. There are so many options.

Faaji, a Nigerian startup is trying to answer this question. It is looking for a fun way to make people socialize and go to events that fit their personalities.

Faaji connects people with events in their area, such as concerts, house parties and beach parties. This app makes it possible to make individual plans for a fun-filled December.

Ayo Olagunju (co-founder, product manager) says that FaajiApp isn’t a ticketing site like other platforms. It is a platform that connects users to the type of experience they desire.

Ayo Olagunju, Co-founder and product manager

He said that the company is aware that people’s interests can be sparked quickly and that it intends to offer fun spots that satisfy every social need.

Faaji is not a ticketing site because you can only visit it when you need to buy tickets for events/parties or access to other content. Instead, Faaji is a platform that we encourage people to use whenever they have the desire to experience something new.

Ayo Olagunju is the co-founder and product manager

What is the working principle of the platform?

Faaji offers its users a simple way for them to find the social engagement they are looking for by suggesting events based upon their matching interests.

Faaji asks new users which animal best represents their party style. The app then prompts them to fill out an interest form which then is used to suggest events.

The company claims that the app connects users to an experience they didn’t know existed. Instead of searching for events through other channels, it matches users with their unique interests.

You can see all options, click on them, to get more information about time, location, description and what to expect.

According to the company’s mobile app, the users will be able to receive a real-time update about how the event is progressing based on attendance and performances.

When a user selects an event, an account is created. They are then taken to the checkout page if the selected event is ticketed. The user receives a confirmation mail with all details of the event and the access code.

Founded during the Pandemic

Ayo Olagunju, Moyo Ajibade and the Faaji App were co-founders of The Faaji App in November 2020. This was months after many businesses adopted the work-from home model and people crave engagement.

This app is not intended to be a place for dispersed people to come together.

It was noted that people with similar interests have more fun together than gatherings of scattered people.

Femi Baamidele, Rex Ijiekhuamen, and CJ MacEze founded the company. The app allows people to list events and search for others of similar interests.

The Yoruba word for enjoyment is “Faaji”, and the company strives to give this experience to its users. They try to be more inclusive in their definition of fun.

“No two people are the same in their definition of enjoyment. We plan to offer a variety of events from salsa dancing, yoga, fencing, quad biking and many other interesting activities that people don’t know about.

There are plans for a mobile application

Faaji’s app is available on the web, but the company also plans to launch a mobile app in the first quarter of 2022.

According to the company, it has increased the app’s mobile reach to 70% and plans to reveal them once all pending updates have been made. It also said that it is in the midst of a learning process to better understand how users use the platform and which product-market match they are best suited for. “Once those things are validated, we make them available to our users.”

Pricing plans

Faaji is currently available for free to all users. Faaji is free to use, but there are charges for the app. However, all tickets that are listed on the app will be subject to a markup price.

According to the company, it does not intend to exploit its users. Instead, there is advertising revenue, partner programs and many other models that are embedded in the products.

The company is currently updating its web platforms with plans to subsidize taxi fares to events where tickets were purchased through the app.


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