FaceBit Is An N95 Mask With Some Hi-Tech Wizardry

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A mask is becoming a very common sight due to the pandemic. It serves two purposes: to protect people sick from the virus and to keep healthy people from contracting it. Masks must be properly worn to maximize their effectiveness.

It must be form-fitting and sealed tightly to stop airborne particles from entering any cracks. Medical professionals are usually trained to properly wear masks, but what about the general public? Researchers at Northwestern University are working on this problem with the FaceBit.

The FaceBit, in its current form, is an N95 mask that has been retrofitted with a sensor. The sensor detects if the mask is properly worn and alerts users if it has leaks. The sensors can be used to detect leaks and can also be used for health monitoring. It can measure your heart rate by using subtle head movements that are triggered by blood pumping.

The sensor’s battery can be charged using heat, sun, motion and breathing force. However, researchers hope to create a completely battery-free version. Although it may be some time before FaceBit is commercially available, those in the medical field could still benefit from its features even after the pandemic has passed and masks are less common.

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