Fastly acquires Fanout for real-time app development at edge


Fastly, Inc.(NYSE:FSLY) A San Francisco-based edge cloud provider, the company acquired Fanout, a Mountain View-based platform that allows users to create and scale streaming and real-time APIs. This includes video streaming, gaming and collaborative editing.

The deal’s amount was not disclosed.

The acquisition is part of Fastly’s broader growth strategy to identify and deploy technologies and talent that increase performance, security and innovation for customers. The integration of Fanout technology into Fastly’s network will help enable real-time app development at the edge with increased time-to-market and scale.

Fanout can help you quickly to:

  • Transport agnostic, real-time development
  • Customers can use their existing HTTP origin to develop apps instead of maintaining complex WebSockets or other push protocol messaging infrastructure.
  • Developers can streamline workflows and create the best experience possible for their users, without worrying about the complexity of real-time protocols.

Fastly is planning to integrate Fanout into its serverless offering. This will allow developers to create fully interactive real-time apps securely and at scale within its edge networks.

Fastly is led by Joshua Bixby, CEO. Fastly combines software and a global edge network to enable customers develop, deliver, secure, and secure modern distributed applications as well as compelling digital experiences. Customers include many of the world’s most prominent companies, including Pinterest, The New York Times, and GitHub.

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