Fawry and GoDaddy partner to help entrepreneurs and startups in Egypt build an online presence

GoDaddy Inc. Fawry, a top online payments company, has joined forces with GoDaddy Inc to make it easier for entrepreneurs and startups in Egypt to go online. GoDaddy has partnered with Fawry to provide entrepreneurs and startups unique tools, such as an e-store at GoDaddy, where they can create their online presence.

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HebaEl Awady The Senior Director for Banking and Strategic Sectors stated that GoDaddy’s partnership ” will provide an easy and convenient way to pay entrepreneurs and startups in Egypt.”Fawry offers a variety of payment methods, including mobile wallets, card payments, FawryPlus cash payments, FawryPlus Installment, reference codes payments, and card payments.

GoDaddy’s Arabic website builder was launched to allow local-speaking customers in MENA to reach the targeted audience in their native language. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows them to personalize their experience, increasing business, attracting new customers, and maintaining existing customers.

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