FintechOS Enters Pet Insurance Market

FintechOS, the new Accelerator was developed by GEICO to enable insurers to offer customized insurance policies. pet insurance to a market that has seen significant growth due to COVID-19. FintechOS helps insurers transition to data-driven, hyper personalized experiences. This will increase their penetration in this lucrative market. This will help insurers build customer loyalty. Those with a larger portfolio can also use this to increase cross- and up-sell opportunities.  

Insurance customers can upload photos and details about their pets to the Accelerator. This allows them to personalize and tailor their coverage. Customers can also combine pet insurance policies for different pets into one account, which can be managed via an integrated super app.  

“95% of pet owners consider their pet a family member, according to the Harris Poll.,” Jonathan Philips, UK Insurance Sales Manager. “Protecting your pet is a personal matter and customers are demanding a personalized experience from their insurers. We’ve worked hard to create a product that empowers insurers to enter this lucrative and growing digital space.” 

The FintechOS platform is further enhanced by the addition of the pet insurance accelerator. FintechOS’ Northstar insurance product empowers insurers to take advantage of digital innovation without the need to upgrade their existing infrastructure. It includes pre-made products and accelerators that can be launched immediately after installation. The platform can also be customized to meet the needs of each insurer. 

The FintechOS platform allows financial service companies to use Accelerators to quickly launch the products they need. FintechOS clients are empowered to create the future of insurance and financial services. 

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