First OSOM Phone is Powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

The Apple and Samsung brands will dominate the second quarter of 2022. You shouldn’t focus all of your energy there, though. A few newcomers to the market, who have previous experience in creating smartphones that we like, are bringing their first smartphone to market. One of them is OSOM they just confirmed that the chipset was in the OV1 handset.

Shortly after Qualcomm revealed its new flagship-level Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, OSOM announced that this will be the chip powering their upcoming device. We can see that they are very excited by this news with a simple tweet.

I’ve got to admit that I had started to forget about OSOM and their upcoming phone because they just aren’t as loud on the daily as some of the others in the field. While companies like Nothing are running back that obnoxious early-days OnePlus playbook, where they send out a press release to hype the silliest sh*t and maintain a presence in your mind, OSOM is quietly putting in work. At least that’s what we assume they are doing.

So to recap OSOM, here’s what you need to know. OSOM is a company made up of a bunch of former team members from Essential, the failed tech company that made one of our favorite phones of all time. They are promising a privacy-focused device in the OV1 (that’s what they are currently calling their first phone), but they also told us to expect a price under $1,000, with a “truly flagship camera experience” that is unlike what we found in the Essential phone. It has a big Essential Phone vibe too.

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