Five technical careers that don’t require any coding

For so long coding got all the publicity, almost as if that’s all there is to tech. There is so much noise, banter and persuasion about coding careers. The average techie is a geeky guy who writes code to conquer the dark internet.

However, the start of the tech revolution came about due to an increase in business innovation, accompanied by the creation and growth of startups and potential unicorns.

There are many interesting career options available beyond the technical stuff. Tech ecosystem offered a variety of career options and a high-paying job.

These stories, which include success stories from various tech professionals across social media, such as the one about a product designer who saw his salary rise 23x or the content marketer who earned $93k per year, further fueled this trend. So if you’ve got zero interest in coding but still fancy a career in tech, these are a number of non-coding career roles you could explore:

1. Product designer

Design that addresses user problems is called product design. What is your favourite product? Why do you like it so much? Because it addresses a particular need of yours and you’ve had a smooth experience with it. It is true that a product designer is responsible. A product designer is responsible for the complete user experience. They are responsible for identifying market opportunities, creating customer problems, designing a solution and validating it with real customers to ensure seamless user experiences.

Because product designers are so important for the success of businesses, startups and large tech corporations are very interested in them. The high demand for product designers results in a large salary. A product designer earns an average of $90,000.

2. Analyst in IT Business

IT business analysts are the ones who connect business and data. Every business wants to improve its products and processes in the data-driven world we live in. This is where the business analyst steps in. IT business analysts use data insights to help improve business outcomes.

They are responsible for analyzing, understanding, and interpreting data to make forecasts and set goals that will be beneficial to the company. They are responsible for developing cost-effective solutions to increase operational efficiency and improve performance. They are highly valued by the market because of their impact. According to market reports an IT business analyst makes about $70661 per year.

3. Product marketing

When you have a product to sell, a product marketer will be your best friend. Product marketing is the combination of sales and marketing. Product marketing, in simple terms, is the process that takes a product from conception until it is available for sale to its end-user. Product marketing is about understanding the product and how it meets user needs, positioning it, promoting its value proposition and formulating strategies that drive demand and adoption.

Product marketers are the secret ingredients for a product’s success in its competing market which is why they are paid handsomely. A product marketer can earn up to $97.055.

4. Technical writer

This job involves the breakdown of complex technical information into user-friendly, engaging content. Technical writers are the ones to thank if you’ve ever had to read technical documentation about a product. Technical writers present technical information in a very simple form for non-technical readers.

They create manuals, product press releases, resource guides and reports. They make a lot of money as technical writers. On average, they earn $57 536 per year.

5. Content marketer

Content is king, so content marketers are the rulers who wield great power through their ability to combine words to create compelling content. Digital media has taken over traditional marketing methods. Content marketers create valuable, high-quality content to retain and attract a defined audience in a particular niche.

Content marketing is essential for all companies because it drives sales actions. Because of the widespread internet dependence and the recent rise of the creator economy, content marketers will continue to be highly sought after. A content marketer earns an average annual salary of $55,394 annually.

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