Foodr Eats, Nigeria’s AI food delivery firm, raises funds ahead of its January 2022 launch

Foodr Eats launches its product in Abuja, Monday, January 10, 2022, bringing a revolution to the food delivery industry in Nigeria and Africa.

928E745C 21C5 4655 8021 B6CE13E9423F scaled 1Foodr Eats launches its product in Abuja, Monday, January 10, 2022, and is set to revolutionize the food delivery industry in Nigeria and Africa.

Foodr Eats promises to deliver an experience unlike any other in the industry through its user app and open delivery system.

Users can order food and drink from several restaurants near them via their mobile app and have it delivered to the door using an open delivery system.

Solving a Problem

Mayowa Oladipo is co-founder and CEO at Foodr Eats. She says that despite the many challenges facing Nigeria’s economy, the restaurant and food sector has continued to grow rapidly. Its long-term potential is evident in a global context, as it stands out among many other areas of the economy due to the large population of Nigeria, which currently stands at approximately 200 million. One will be left wondering why some restaurants close down or go bankrupt despite everyone eating daily. And why is it still so difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to order food online and have it delivered in the shortest time em>

“We’ve learned that visibility and accessibility are the main factors that help a restaurant grow and that they can be accessed by many people through their mobile apps and have it delivered to them in a short time,” Oladipo said.

Many restaurants close down within the first year of opening because their customers can’t find them or don’t have the services to deliver their food to their customers. It is difficult to rent luxury space and open-viewing space to run a restaurant or delivery service in the current Nigerian economy. It is possible to be in a place and not know what the restaurant is like. This can lead to you having to take a ride just to get food. .”

Building an ecosystem that is food-centric

The development team, which includes Ifeoluwa Ojo, CTO/cofounder and Ikechukwu Nawo, CPO and cofounder, states: “We are trying to build an entire tech ecosystem around food delivery apps to create an experience that our users won’t forget.”

As our MVP is ready to go, we will continue adding great features that can make your life easier. With machine learning algorithms that analyze the interactions of users with meals, we would create an ecosystem that allows them to recommend more meals. This will give them a lasting experience.

Team funding and launch

We have a group of motivated people to help us achieve our milestones until we receive funding. Our sole focus is on providing a great user experience. This includes easy use of the app, quick refunds, and interaction with delivery merchants. Our entire team is dedicated to satisfying the users and creating a cash flow for our delivery merchant em>

Mayowa Oladipo stated that the Foodr Eats launch was funded entirely by the founders. However, they recently raised $20,000 to accelerate their launch in January.

Foodr Eats is busy preparing for the Abuja launch. They are also looking at the potential riders and drivers who will be riding on the platform. Mayowa answered a question about the location for the launch of the companies.


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