Forcyte Biotechnologies Secures Funding; Totals $5.7M

Forcyte Biotechnologies, a Los Angeles, CA-based tech-enabled drug discovery company that targets diseases of mechanobiology has received new funding.

Milestone View and Pioneer Fund were backers, as well as Acequia Capital and Y Combinator. Jude Gomila (CEO, Golden) was also a backer. Including public support, this funding brings Forcyte’s total raised to $5.7M for their internal “mechano-therapeutic” pipeline, focusing first on fibrosis.

Led by co-founder and CEO Ivan Pushkarsky, PhD., Forcyte has developed a platform that uses both proprietary wet-lab micro-technologies and computer-vision algorithms to quantify the physical forces generated by millions of individual human cells in carefully controlled microenvironments engineered within 384-well plates where single-cells bind to and “squeeze” vast arrays of adhesive micropatterns. The platform has efficiently scaled to routinely screen 10,000 wells per screening day and has, to date, collected contractility data on >2.4 million cell-drug-timepoint combinations from >360 million individual primary human cells, including smooth muscle cell types, fibroblasts, and other tissue cells.

The company launches a range of programs internally and through partnerships that targets mechanically-active disease processes such as fibrotic diseases, dystrophies and hyperresponsiveness and hyporesponsiveness in organs like the bladder, airway and blood vessels. Forcyte has established successful partnerships with many biopharma companies, including an ongoing partnership that is not disclosed with a leading pharmaceutical company.

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