Galaxy Tab S8 Lineup Specs, Extremely High Pricing

Galaxy Tab S8

Amazon France and Italy have revealed almost everything about the upcoming Galaxy Tabs8 lineup. The lineup includes the Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra. We’ve heard about these devices before, and we are now getting a sense of the pricing. It’s going to hurt.

The Tab S8 Ultra is the flagship tablet. Let’s review it. The Tab S8 Ultra features a 14.6 inch (2960×1848) 120Hz display, Snapdragon chipset and a massive 11,200mAh battery. It also has an impressive rear camera system, S Pen support, Android 12, and an impressive rear camera system. It will be the top-of-the-line Android tablet. Amazon has revealed that the WiFi-only model will cost EUR1,159. Are you looking for 5G connectivity? EUR1,308. It’s almost $1,500 when converted to US dollars.

If you don’t need such incredible specs, things will be less expensive. The WiFi-only Galaxy Tab S8 is the cheapest entry, with an 11-inch screen (2560x 1600), Qualcomm chipset and single 13MP rear camera. It also has S Pen support, Android 12, an 8,000mAh battery, Android 12 and Android 12. The pricing for the S8+ and S8+ models is not yet available. However, we encourage you to make predictions below.

These tablets are beautiful, regardless of their price. Although their price will likely keep some away, the tablet is a great choice if you want an excellent Android tablet experience. Samsung has opened reservations for the tablets. You can sign up below. Just FYI, there is no obligation or money down.

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