Holodeck Media merges with Arslanian Media Crypto Specialist to create Gaming Content

Metaverse media players are hard at work getting their ducks in order.

Gaming content specialist Holodeck Media has merged with Arslanian Media Group, the cryptocurrency and blockchain tech studio behind shows like “Crypto Capsule” and “The Future of Money.”

Holodeck Media – whose CEO Paul Dawalibi describes the service as “CNBC meets Barstool Sports, but for gaming in the metaverse” – is responsible for the rapidly growing “Business of Esports” podcast.

Henri Arslanian, a former PwC crypto leader, creates newsletters and content for around 500,000 followers each week. Dawalibi explained that the various newsletters and podcasts will remain under their current titles. They will all be merged under the Holodeck Media umbrella. (The term “Holodeck” refers to the hologram-based 3D simulations that appear in the “Star Trek” universe.)

“We want to be the one-stop shop for all sorts of Web 3 industry content, talk shows and original IP,” said Dawalibi in an interview, adding:

“We think there are really three major themes. Gaming is what I consider the core of the industry and is where most of the innovation is coming from. Crypto is the technology that powers a lot. And then you have metaverse, which is an extension of both of these things.”

Recent trends in crypto media play seem to have been a common theme. Earlier this week, news service Decrypt announced it has spun out from its parent company ConsenSys Mesh and raised $10 million, with a view to build out its Decrypt Studios arm, which brands non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse activations.

Holodeck’s newly merged entity, Dawalibi, stated that it is looking to produce dozens more shows.

“We’re already testing internally broadcasting from within metaverses with virtual avatars and broadcasting to those metaverses with virtual avatars,” he said. “Also, from a token and NFT standpoint, we have a big announcement coming around how we distribute our content to the world.”

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