GARMIN launches its new FENIX 7 and EPIX smartwatches

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Rumors circulating about a major redesign of the Garmin Fenix 7 series were rumored. Despite rumors, Garmin did not take the smartwatch to CES 2022 despite numerous leaks. The company finally announced its updated multisport GPS smartwatches after a long wait. The Garmin Fenix 7 high-end smartwatch is receiving a major update, but the company also uses the chance to announce the Epix. This smartwatch is rugged and waterproof with an all-day color display.


Garmin customers will recognize some of the features in the Fenix 7 smartwatches. There are three sizes available: the 42mm version is called Fenix 7S, while the 47mm model is called Fenix 7S. The larger 51mm variant is Fenix 7. Both the Fenix 7S variant and the standard version come with fiber-reinforced plasticmer. There are also Solar Editions and Sapphire Solar Editions available for all three models. Sapphire Solar Editions adds a premium level to the materials with titanium and sapphire for increased durability.

Garmin will also add solar charging capabilities to all three models. These watches are said to have a 54 percent greater solar surface area than the Fenix 6X Pro and will provide longer battery life. GPS-enabled batteries last for 90 hours, and solar charging can charge it for 162 hours. With solar power in Garmin Fenix 7, the numbers go up to an impressive 136 to 289 hours. The larger Fenix 7X offers 213 hours of solar charging and 578 hours for the larger model. These figures are provided by the company. These results could vary in real-life situations.


Garmin Fenix 7 series supports all major satellite systems, but also includes the L5 frequency range to improve accuracy in a “challenging GPS environment”. According to the US Government L5 is one of the three “modernized GPS signals” for civilian use. It has “higher power and greater bandwidth as well as advanced signal design.” The lineup has touchscreen capabilities in addition to GPS power. But, the buttons controls are not lost. The company hopes to provide multiple options for navigation through menus.

The larger model comes with an LED flashlight with adjustable red and white light. Multisport athletes will be able to see and be seen during nighttime activities thanks to this feature. Garmin claims that the feature is activated by a double-tap and works for both left-handed or right-handed users. An optional strobe mode is also available. The flashlight will match the pace of the runner in this mode. According to the company, it can be used as both a head- and taillight on cars. Others will be able to see where a person is heading.

Real-Time Stamina software is available. This will allow you to see how much stamina you could have at moderate intensity compared to what you currently have at your effort level.


Seven years after its original launch, the company is updating its Epix smartwatch. The Epix 7 features and hardware are still present, but the new Epix switches to an OLED display with a 1.3-inch transflective screen.

The Epix 7 comes in three sizes, each measuring 47mm. It also includes buttons, touchscreens and Real-Time stamina. However, the Epix does not have an LED flashlight or solar charging. Garmin Epix claims that the battery will last 16 days on one charge.


Fenix 7 series offers the standard and 7s starting at $699,99 up to $899.99. Garmin 7X, which is more expensive, starts at $89999 and goes up to $999.99. The Epix is similar in price, starting at $899 for the slate or steel model, and $999,99 if you choose the white or black titanium model.

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