celebrates its 9th birthday with a new brand identity, one of the world’s earliest cryptocurrency exchanges and a leader among digital asset platforms, is celebrating its 9th birthday starting today. To better reflect the company’s values and commitments, has announced a brand overhaul. will unveil a new slogan and color scheme as part of its revamped brand identity.

Dr. Lin’s CEO and founder, Steve Sullivan, stated:

“ continuously seeks breakthroughs and advancements while remaining steadfast in its determination to help develop and drive progress in the crypto industry. We believe that the new logo and color scheme reflect the lessons we have learned in nearly a decade of service to our users, as we continue striving to create an innovative brand that is open and accessible to everyone around the world.”’s New Brand Identity’s new slogan is “Gateway to Crypto.” One of’s X-factors is its diverse range of altcoin options. This slogan, followed by the sentence “Trade over 1,400 cryptocurrencies safely, quickly, and easily”, encapsulates’s key features – is a global multi-currency platform that anyone in the world can easily access to invest in a myriad of cryptocurrencies. This messaging makes a strong presence in emerging and new markets.’s new logo features a 3/4 circle to represent the company’s inclusivity, security, and stability. The logo also has a “block” element, symbolizing blockchains. Together, the circle and block form the letter “G” for, showcasing’s commitment to embrace the booming blockchain era to create a digital world that combines innovation, reliability, and security.

Moving forward, is adopting a new color scheme of blue and green,  which portray as an inclusive and mature brand with a platform that is equally accessible to everyone. Lite App & Mini App Launch is also launching a notable update to its mobile app that allows users to opt for a “Lite App” version within its flagship app, offering streamlined and simplified in-app transactions for crypto trading. Users can access the Lite App to gain basic functionality for various crypto assets, including the ability to view market sentiment using easily understandable trendlines, the fiat currencies deposit, currency exchange and account settings.

A Mini App will also be launched by the exchange to enable users to navigate to third-party crypto apps. While the mobile Mini App is live, the web version is still being refined. As’s range of third-party crypto app partners expands, different categories like online shopping, travel, gift cards, and ticketing can be accessed through the Mini App. This allows users to access multiple services at once without the need to sign up to a third party merchant account. The GameFi Centre is one of the channels already available in the Mini App. Here users can play GameBox, an independent game collection.

Contests with US$9,000,000Prizes will launch a 9th Anniversary Series campaign in conjunction with 9th birthday celebrations May 27, 2022With a total of US$9,000,000There will be prizes. will be releasing 9,000 Space TravelnFTs Mystery Boxes, containing Space Travel NFTs in five rarer tiers. Users collecting the Space Travel NFTs have a chance to win a seat deposit for space travel, – find out more by keeping an eye on’s Space Travel NFT Mystery Boxes campaign.

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