Gaviti Partners With Sage to Streamline Collections Management

Gaviti, an integration partnership was announced by A/R Automation Systems, a system to automate the collection and management of client invoices. Sage the leader in accounting, financial and HR technology for small and medium-sized business (SMBs), is. Gaviti, through this partnership, has integrated its accounts receivable system with Sage Intacct’s cloud financial management software to allow joint customers to streamline their user collections processes to improve cash flow and streamline their business.

While receivables can be vital for modern businesses, they are also time-consuming processes that require team members to reach out to each company for outstanding invoices. Together with Sage Intacct Sage Gaviti offers an accounting-focused software that is similar to the SaaS capabilities enjoyed by marketing and sales teams. The collection teams and their leaders will be able to access financial forecasting, risk scoring, as well as actionable insights that can help improve collections performance over time. These tools allow collections teams within an organization to work together in a centralized workspace accessible to all parties.

Companies can reduce the days of sales outstanding (DSO) and automate all receivables processes with the Gaviti/Sage Intacct integration. This allows them to free up their collections team to concentrate on more valuable work. “Businesses are empowering accounting departments with software capabilities, just as they are with other business-critical teams,” said Alex Komarovsky, Co-founder & CTO at Gaviti. “This partnership was driven by our customers who rely on both Gaviti and Sage Intacct to manage revenue streams.” While Gaviti is ERP agnostic, integrating with all enterprise resource planning software, the partnership focuses on efficiency, enabling setup in a few clicks, and ensuring continuous data flow between the two platforms.

Gaviti uses a universal language for standardizing ERP data. This makes it easily usable across platforms. This is a feature that was usually reserved for enterprise companies. However, SMEs are using it to speed up their invoice payments and reduce overdue accounts by 35%. Sage Intacct can be used by teams to streamline the collection process. This includes automating highly personal dunning emails and task management.

“We are always looking for ways to help our customers make the most of their data in order to knock down barriers to growth by reducing workloads and boosting efficiency,” said Melody Williams, Sage’s Head of Business Development for Sage Intacct. “Gaviti’s software provides our joint customers with tools to improve their accounts receivables collections process and enables easier integration and syncing of data across both systems.”

This partnership adds to the capabilities of various Sage products and will revolutionize and automate manual-intensive processes.

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