Gearset Gets $55M in Growth Capital


The $55M funding was raised by Gearset, a UK-based company that provides DevOps solutions to Salesforce.

Silversmith Capital Partners was the lead investor in this round. As part of the investment, Silversmith’s Sri Rao has joined Gearset’s Board of Directors.

The company plans on using the funds to increase its product offerings, grow sales, and scale its team in the US and UK.

Gearset was co-founded by Matt Dickens and Kevin Boyle. It offers a Salesforce DevOps Solution with tools to deploy success, continuous delivery, automated test and backups.

The company’s core offering can be used as a standalone platform for teams new to DevOps or integrated with existing tools and processes. It provides a user interface that allows teams to compare, deploy, and work with git changes, as well as to create automated pipelines to deliver continuous changes from development to production. The platform offers a comprehensive audit history, automated unit testing, monitoring of production changes, and the ability to roll back and restore both metadata and data changes.

Thousands of Salesforce professionals have already used its cloud-based app, running 250,000 deployments a month across more than 1,700 companies from SMB to enterprise organisations including McKesson, Zillow, Traction on Demand, Intercom, Accenture, IBM and Johnson & Johnson.

Gearset has experienced:

  • Nearly 10,000,000 deployments were performed for more than 1,700 companies (including Accenture, McKesson, and IBM).
  • The ARR was nearly doubled while still maintaining positive cashflow
  • Headcount more than doubled
  • Global expansion with new offices in the United States of America (Chicago, IL), and Northern Ireland (Belfast).
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