GetEquity Launches Dealroom Product in Africa to Accelerate African Venture Finance Funding

GetEquity an innovative technology startup from Lagos has announced Dealroom — a suite to help individuals, startups as well as VCs manage their capital raises.

Dealroom compliments GetEquity’s previously launched startup crowdfunding platform and further positions the company to be an all-encompassing facilitator of venture capital or startup financing.

GetEquity now offers a suite of products that allows users to create private deals rooms, where they can pool their investment in startups. The platform also allows startups the ability to manage their raises using a simple and user-friendly interface.

A Series A startup can, for instance, raise capital from their users by setting up a private deal space and inviting customers to invest.

Dealroom has advanced tools that allow portfolio management, scenario modeling, valuation calculations, as well as other useful features. GetEquity Dealroom is available for institutional customers and investors to share deal flows, raise capital for existing portfolios, manage their portfolios efficiently, and more. In the coming weeks, GetEquity’s Dealroom will offer features to allow VC funds to platform their existing portfolios.

Dealroom is a new way to raise venture capital by allowing individuals to pool their investments with others. A GetEquity user might find a promising startup they wish to invest in, and then use the existing GetEquity platform for capital.

Dealroom allows users to invest more than they would on their own. They can create a private Dealroom to invite friends and then organize their investment.

The newly formed syndicate can then manage its members and invest in new companies. They also have access to all management tools used by VCs. During the private beta, syndicates created on GetEquity used Dealroom for more than $150,000 in capital raising.

Dike Jude, CEO of GetEquity and co-founder, said that “the Launch of GetEquity’s Dealroom provides world-class capital raising tools for any startup or investor. Our first product focused on opening up investment opportunities for African startups to new audiences.

Dealroom is a secure platform that allows users to pool, organize and manage investments, deal flow and raise capital. These new features are available to investors and startups.

GreenHouse Capital (GHC), is one of the first institutional customers that has used the platform. GHC was previously the leader of GetEquity’s pre-seed round.

Bunmi Akinyemiju is the Founding Partner at GHC. He said, “There is a huge global interest in African investments and GetEquity already has many promising startups onto a platform that allows them to raise money from diverse investors including retail investors.” This new product enhances GetEquity and increases the value offered to investors like GHC.


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