Getsafe Hits 50k Customer Milestone and Launches Buildings Insurance in UK

Digital insurer Getsafe is launching its new buildings insurance to complete its home insurance proposition in the United Kingdom. This underlines Getsafe’s commitment to the British market. The company just hit the 50,000 customer mark in the UK and continues to grow its position as Europe’s leading neo-insurer.

Getsafe has expanded its portfolio to include a digital building and contents insurance product. This follows its success in the British marketplace. Getsafe’s Millennial-friendly DNA is still evident in the new product. Instead, Getsafe offers a flexible subscription that can be customized to meet their specific needs. They also offer cancellation and renewal options. This allows customers – especially younger homeowners – to select the cover they need for their property and avoid paying for irrelevant packages.

63 % of the British population owns a home, which makes Getsafe’s new home insurance not only relevant to many people, but also to younger ones. Getsafe’s product was launched in the United Kingdom as a first step to meet a vital security need.

Christian Wiens is CEO and co-founder of Getsafe Comments: “At Getsafe we believe that the world deserves better insurance. Our insurance is transparent, fair and accessible. We have helped thousands of customers manage their insurance in minutes, without the hassle and paperwork. All they need is a simple tap. With this mobile-first approach, we are developing a product that perfectly meets the demand of a young, tech-savvy generation.”

Getsafe is determined to be the best solution for anyone who wants to manage their insurance via their smartphone. Already more than one-quarter of Getsafe’s total growth is generated through the British market. Christian Wiens: “In the past six months, we more than doubled our customer base to now 50,000 in the UK alone. With our new product, we expect to double our growth rate again.“

Insurtech was founded in 2015. It started as a digital broker. The company then shifted to developing its own digital insurance products and becoming a managing general agent. Getsafe was granted its own insurance license for Germany and the European Union in 2021. This allows the company to manage the entire value chain and innovate faster. Getsafe currently employs 170 people in three locations and serves over 300,000. Getsafe will expand its operations in France, Italy, and Austria over the next few months.

Christian Wiens comments: “The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital insurance solutions. Especially digital-savvy target groups are used to doing everything via smartphone – this includes banking and trading, and it also includes insurance. Our platform allows us to replace manual paperwork and complex processes with smart bots, automation, and create a better, faster insurance experience for everyone. We want to build one of Europe’s leading digital insurers, and we are just getting started.”

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