Gionee G13 Pro is an Cheapest iPhone 13 Resemblance

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Gionee, a long-deceased brand, launched the Gionee G13 Pro smartphone in China. This caused much discussion among netizens. This phone is very similar to the Apple iPhone 13 in appearance. It starts at 529 Yuan and offers two storage options, 32GB and 128GB.

The most striking thing about the iPhone 13 is the resemblance, but not the iPhone 13 look, but the “New HMS ecosystem” and “HarmonyOS” marks on the product details pages. Students who are used to mixing with the machine circle will have realized that this could be just a manufacturer’s publicity stunt. Digital bloggers also speculate that the Gionee G13 Pro might use HMS mobile services such as Huawei accounts and various software capabilities but not in the strict HarmonyOS sense.

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