Go Pocket Multi-chain Wallet – Real-time Security Services Focused on, Officially Open Source

Officially open-sourced, Go Pocket is a multi-chain safe-wallet that was released on GitHub on March 4. It now provides multiple user-friendly security functions, including one click security detection, token identification and submission, and real-time monitoring and management of risk.

Go Pocket is a non custodial wallet that offers comprehensive, real-time and scenario-based security for crypto investors. It blocks malicious attacks and effectively protects users’ assets by virtue of proactive and comprehensive risk management strategies. Go Pocket provides excellent security protection. It also features a user-friendly interface, NFT management, and a user friendly interface.

Go+ security API powers Go Pocket’s token security function. This platform develops a complete and dynamic security detecting platform including token detection and real-time risk warning. Arbiproject’s security reference for Arbitrum and AVE DEX to detect token security has been supported by Go+ Security API.

About Go+ Security

Go+ Security is an open and permissionless security service platform that allows users to submit security risks independently, quickly detect potential dangers, and receive feedback.

Go+ Security’s goal is to create the Web3 security boundary and help investors avoid potential risk. All investors can use the free token detection portal.


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