Google Hangouts has been removed from the Play Store

Google Hangouts Download 980x614 1Google Hangouts is the most enduring death. It was 2020 when we first began to talk about its death, just after Google launched Chat and Meet. At that time, we believed that Hangouts might disappear from our phones and the Play Store within that same year, yet here we are in 2022 thinking this might finally be the end.

While we aren’t quite to the finish line, Google did take another big step in finishing off this once glorious messaging app that was cut off because of a poor vision of executives or hungry up-and-comers within Google who pitched other, awful and quickly-failed messaging options.

Google removed Hangouts this week from both the Apple Appstore (Google Play Store) and the Apple Appstore (Apple Appstore). You’ll still be able to find it on Google Play if you previously had it installed on your current phone, but for new users or your new phone, it is indeed gone. For example, if you go to Google Play on the web and search for “Hangouts,” you should come up empty. From your phone’s Play Store, if you had it installed at some point, you should still

Google Chat is available, however!

Why is it necessary to take it down now, after so many years? Google has been pushing everyone off of Hangouts for some time, but about a week ago they started forcing Google Workspace users off of it. As these were the last users of Hangouts, this move is most likely what caused it to be removed.

If you still want to use Hangouts, I’m sure you can sideload-bro an APK that’s floating about. The web version at least for the moment, it still works. You might want to try Google Chat. Google Chat is updated and improved regularly, unlike Hangouts, which was abandoned and stripped of many features years ago. You will have to switch to Chat if you get a new smartphone.

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