Google messages displays emoji responses from android users of iphone

Googles Messages, the messaging service by Google which now goes through the RCS, will soon have a big update. Mountain View Company presented this information in a video it will make life easier for users.

Google Messages is the “basic” Android application for exchanging messages (formerly SMS). Google is updating this update to accommodate the evolution of these services. This update brings many new features, including one that’s been requested for a while: the ability to finally see the reaction emojis from iMessages users.

Google now displays these iMessage reactions after months of beta testing. Before, only text was displayed in the app. If an iPhone user gives your last text a thumbs up, you’ll see it. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a challenge for Google, given that Apple doesn’t yet use the RCS standard. The Mountain View firm also sent a subtle message to the individual concerned, encouraging him to take the plunge.

Google Messages

This update includes many new features, including the ability to classify messages according to type. Is it a family conversation? Work-related? Another? You can also sort. The app will also notify you if a contact has a birthday today, so you can wish them well. As with Messengers, Emoji combinations will be available. There are enough options to choose the best emoji for the situation.

At first, this Update will only be available in India. Then it will be available in the United States. The rest will follow. It is possible to expect it in Europe in the next few days or even in the coming weeks.

An important update in the history of the service, which definitely passes a course, emancipating itself from its heritage as an “application for SMS”.

Feel the love and laughter (and confusion, confusion, or excitement) of your iPhone friends. Reactions from iPhone users are now displayed on your Android phone as emojis, just like when you’re messaging with someone who’s using an Android device. Devices set to English will start first, with more languages to follow.



RCS allows Android device owners to share high-quality, beautiful photos and videos. However, without RCS they will look blurry when shared with iPhone friends. Now everyone can watch your videos in the same resolution that you do since we’re bringing Google Photos into Messages. Your videos can be sent as Google Photos links directly within the conversation. This will preserve their clarity. Coming soon, you’ll be able to send your photos this way, too.

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