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    Google Multisearch gives Lens more power and smarts

    PcttDfGC6XpqMN4iewoqvWGoogle wants you to use Google Search via its visual skillset. This means that Google Lens is the best way to do this. Google Lens now has a new feature that focuses heavily on their visual skillset. AI advancement to help you utilize Lens in a new, more personalized way.

    Google is the most popular search engine today announced the multi search for Lens. This is how you use Google Lens to take a picture of the item you are interested in (or pull an image from your phone) and then refine your search to include additional context, brands, or visual attributes.

    It may not make much sense. So, check out this GIF:

    Multisearch dress Lo res

    See how we’re doing this? You open the Google app, then tap the Lens icon, take a photo of something or choose an image from your phone, wait for the initial results to pop up, and then hit the “Add to your search” button to go further. In the example above, someone searches for a dress in orange color, but they specifies that they’d like to see what it looks like in green. Google is so clever, it displays the dress in green that they could purchase. It’s pretty wild.

    Google claims that multi-search is now available in the US as a beta feature and that you can test it today.

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