Google News Desktop Update: More Local News, Fact Checking

The redesigned version Google News is rolling out to desktop users, complete with more emphasis on local news, fact checking, and personalized topics.

Speaking on the redesign, Google says that, “Our new look for Google News on desktop was inspired by feedback we received from readers. We’ve made it easier to catch up on the most important news by bringing Top stories, Local news and personalized picks to the top of the page.”

As users will notice, that’s exactly what has changed. Google News Homepage (aka Your Briefing), you’ll find a large section on the right side for your local stories, as well as “Picks for you” right below. You can add additional places to follow in the local news tab. So, I not only added my small town but also my California hometown.

Below Top Stories and Local News, you’ll find Topics. Here you can dive deep into the topics that matter to you. Here you can see more tech news and entertainment news as well as sports.

Google is also expanding its fact checking platform to combat misinformation, which will continue to grow.

To help you make more informed judgments about the information you come across online, we’ve expanded our Fact Check section in Google News on desktop to provide more context. In addition to headlines, you’ll now see the original claim made along with the fact-checked assessment from independent organizations.

Google News is now available for desktop users. Take a look at it.

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