Google Pixel “At A Glance” Gets a New Set of Features

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Google won’t allow us to turn off the “At A Glance” widget on Pixel phones. It will now do more than just show you the weather, your commute times, and calendar appointments. It was previously believed that it would be receiving a large list of new integrations, and these have begun rolling out to Pixel 6 devices.

The At a Glance options now show three new “features”, which you can toggle on or off, likely due to a Google app update. These new options include “Timer & Stopwatch,” “Bedtime” and “Fitness.” The information should be self-explanatory so let’s briefly discuss each.

  • Stopwatch: Google describes it as pulling stopwatch and time information from your Clock app. This will allow it to pull up quick shortcuts to stopwatches and timers that are relevant to your usage.
  • Bedtime – Google defines it as “your upcoming Bedtime from the Clock App.” We assume that this will be displayed to remind you that your Bedtime schedule is about for a kick-in, and possibly change settings.
  • Fitness – This option is offered by Google. It will simply display “activity information from your fitness app.” I don’t think anyone really needs that much info.

These aren’t the only features that we expect, however. As I said, the previous report had 8 new features and this is just 3. Other features include the integration of shopping-related lists or cards when in a store, summary and notification from your doorbell, flashlight reminders, and safety checks.

We have written about the other five features before.

  • In a store – If you’re at a supported shop, you might see shopping lists and Google Pay rewards cards
  • Bluetooth devices: It can show you the battery status of Bluetooth devices when they are connected. This widget is what I prefer.
  • Doorbell – You can see a notification to see your doorbell’s ringtone and a shortcut to view it.
  • Flashlight – A reminder on your home screen that your flashlight is ON
  • Safety Check: The Personal Safety app’s safety countdown.

Again, I would love to turn this whole area off so that it can be used with my own widgets. But, if Google wants to force it on me, new features might allow us to appreciate it again.

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