Google Pixel Fold rumored for late 2022

In September of 2021, Google was rumored to be working on two foldable phones. People even thought the devices might appear in late 2021, but that wasn’t the case.

But the same source (@DSCCRoss) that declared the project “dead” last year due to the cancellation of display orders now says that at least one Google foldable phone is back on track with a primary display similar to the upcoming Samsung Z Fold4 (6.19”) but a smaller 5.8” cover display.


A Q4 2022 arrival for this Google foldable is credible because there’s ample time for Google to get it done, and these displays might not suffer the same supply chain issues as higher-volume products.

Beyond the device itself, it’s pretty exciting to know that Google will take a deep dive into the foldable user experience (UX). With it, apps should ultimately see better Android integration with the “multi-size display” nature of these handsets.

Samsung has been a pioneer in the foldable market. Nearly all commercial clones of the Samsung Fold are based on its original designs. It also performed a lot the heavy lifting, UX work that made it a success.

However, it’s imperative that the primary force behind the operating system, Google, commits to the foldable form factor. Based on its experience, Google will fine-tune the various APIs required to push apps to the next level and empower developers to build cross-OEM code.

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