Google Pixel NotePad – Foldable Phone Animations and Price Leaked

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OPPO’s first foldable phone OPPO Discover N was launched in December 2021. It was the folding screen flagship designed by Pete Lau, Chief Product Officer at OPPO. OPPO Find N’s outer screen ratio is 18:9, unlike other foldable display phones. Find N isn’t like a remote control and users will be able to experience the flagship more than a straight screen.

The latest information suggests that Google’s first foldable display smartphone will follow a similar design. 9to5Google recently discovered traces of the Google Pixel Fold animation screen within Android 12L Beta2.

Google has added animation to Android 12L Beta2 that shows the device can fold. This device’s proportion is comparable to OPPO Find N rather than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. 9to5Google claims that Google Pixel Fold codenamed Pipit has a 7.6 inch internal screen. This is slightly larger than the OPPO Find N’s 7.1 inch display and comes equipped with Tensor SOC.

9to5Google reported that Google’s first foldable-screen phone, Pixel Fold, may not be called Pixel Fold. Instead, it will be named Pixel Notepad. This news is more than we expected. The report suggests that Google Pixel Notepad could be less expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold at $1,799.

The news that the initial supply of Google Pixel Notepads is limited may be only listed in the United States. However, the follow up will be available in other countries and regions. Although it is not known when the phone will be available, this could indicate that the Pixel foldable is still in development.

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