Google Play gets a new “Offers” tab to show you…Offers

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Google Play’s bottom bar will get a new tab called “Offers.” This tab will allow you to search for current offers on digital content, apps, and games. Many of these will be recommended based on what you might like.

Google Play used to have an offers section hidden in the settings menu. It was attached to notifications. It was so far away from the user’s view that it is hard to imagine anyone going in there. It always seemed empty to me, as well.

The new “Offers” tab will allow you to find the following according to Google.

  • Limited-Time Deals on Games and In-Game Items: Find limited-time deals for magic orbs, tokens and other items.
  • Rewards and Bundled Offers: See which apps offer free delivery and other benefits.
  • Get the best deals on movies, books and TV shows.
  • Explore apps that offer 30 day free trials and extended trial options at no additional cost.

You may not see the new tab on your phone yet. This is because Google is slowly rolling it out, as they do so often. Although the rollout is ongoing, it may take several weeks before your device sees it. People in the US, India and Indonesia should keep an eye out for the new tab to begin, which will be followed by other countries throughout the year.

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