Google Launches Android 12 QPR3 Beta 2, Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 6 6 Pro 1 1024x683 1Google has just released an Android 12 Beta update you can test on your Pixel smartphone. This is the Android 12 QPR3 Program, which will eventually be the big June update (more on this later). However, you can still test the build now.

While the previous QPR3 1.1 update was only for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, this QPR3 Beta 2 build is for all of the supported Pixel phones. You can get it now if you have a Pixel 4, Pixel 4a or Pixel 5a, Pixel 5, Pixel 6 or Pixel 6.

Release date: April 7, 20,22
Build: S3B1.220318.003
Security patch level: April 20,22
Google Play services 22.09.20

How to get Android 12 QPR3 beta 2

These new Android 12 Beta updates can be obtained through the Android Beta Program. If you aren’t enrolled in that beta and want to try QPR3, you can head to the official Android Beta website and enroll your device. After you have enrolled, the OTA will be sent to your device. If you are already enrolled, you can head into Settings and try to pull the update (Settings>System>System updates).

If you’re a bit savvier, you can manually flash the system image or OTA of QPR3. First, download the required file factory imageOTA), then follow our instructions here or here on how to perform the flash.

What’s new in Android 12 QPR3 2?

Google doesn’t typically go into a ton of details when releasing an update like this and that once again rings true with QPR3 Beta 2. All they’ve said so far is that it includes “the latest April monthly release changes and security patch, as well as additional bug fixes and optimizations to performance and stability.”

We’re flashing it now and will report back if we find any new goodies you should know about.

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