Google Shows Superfans Color Book with Pixel 6a


Google opened its Pixel Superfans Facebook group to more people before the launch of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This gave them the chance to meet other Pixel Superfans who were just as passionate about Google’s hardware. Since then, the group has sent out a few goodies to its members, mostly in socks. This week, Pixel Superfans received a package with a Nest Audio and an awesome coloring book.

Inside the coloring book, there is a QR code that launches what appears to be a new site that lets all of us enjoy a bit of coloring of Google hardware. The Pixel 6a is also mentioned in the coloring book.

On page 16 of the coloring book, Google lists the “featured products” that you will find throughout the book. It suggests that fans will find the Pixel 6a and the Nest Thermostat on page 6.

The Pixel 6a isn’t on page 6 or 7. This error appears to have been left over. Although we are not sure if Google intended to announce the Pixel 6a so early or if the coloring books were originally set to ship later, this seems to be a sign that things will soon get better.

These pages are for those who wish to see the world with their eyes.

The remainder of the coloring book features the Pixel 6, Nest devices, as well as the Pixel Buds A. Again, you can view all of this at if you want to have a little fun today. The coloring pages are all at this site and do not display the Pixel 6a.

Here’s a brief recap of the Pixel 6a story. It will likely look very similar to the Pixel 6. runs Google’s Tensor Chip. could arrive in May.

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