Google ‘Switch To Android’ App, for iOS

google switch to android appConsumers face multiple friction points when switching from one OS to the next. This includes moving user data, getting used the new user experience and possibly the availability of applications.

Google today makes it easy for iOS users to transfer their data from iOS into Android with the free Switch to Android iOS app.

Because data transfers happen via Google Drive, the app requires a Google Account (and active internet connection).

We can see that most data, such as contacts, calendars, photos, videos, and videos, are being transferred from the official screenshots. Be aware that certain apps data may not be transferred. So do your research and assume only the above.

Google switches app allows you to also move photos. iCloud to Google Photo in a bidTo win additional market share. Admittedly, Google Photo is a solid storage option, and if you’re going to use Android, it makes total sense. Google Photo is highly recommended, but remember that Google Photo has limitations. Microsoft’s OneDrive could also be a viable option.

Since apps aren’t moved, there’s still a significant point of friction that could have been alleviated by at least installing apps that have an iOS equivalent. This should have been a simple, low-hanging fruit.

Developer validation would be required for data transfer from iOS to Android apps. Developers could alert this to developers, and a conversion mechanism (provided in each app) might be added to the API.

I wish there were a wired version of this transfer process, but it’s wireless only for now, so it could take a while if you have a 512GB device with lots of data.

This new app is slightly easier to use than the previous method that was based on a “Backup to Google Drive” methodology. This app will continue to evolve as users can switch platforms.

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