Google TV’s Live Guide Gets a Favorite Channels Tab

The “Live” tab on your cute little Google TV unit is getting a big new feature that will make the oft-sluggish UI less of a nuisance to use. A separate tab allows you to add several favorite channels. Google TV will announce the feature today via Google TV support pages, but we shared it with you a little early.

The idea is simple in that you’ll navigate to the Live tab, scroll through the channel list until you find one you’d like to add a favorite, and then click on the channel’s name. You will see a star that allows you to add the channel as a favourite. Once done, you’ll have tabs at the top of the Live tab for “All channels” and “Favorite channels.”

Once it is set up, it should look something like this. 👇

Google TV Favorites Live

Google informs us that the new Favorites feature has been launched!

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