Google will delete 900,000 apps from Google Play Store

The Google Play Store could see the number of available apps drop by almost a third as Google prepares to clear outdated apps. Google and Apple will work together to remove outdated applications, or to update applications that haven’t been updated in two years. Google has 869,000 applications while Apple has 650,000. CNET claims that Google is planning to hide these applications so users can’t download them until they are updated by developers.

These measures are taken by both companies to ensure the safety of their users. Older apps are not able to take advantage of iOS and Android changes, or new APIs or development methods that provide enhanced protection. Older applications might have security problems that are not present in newer apps.


Some developers also voiced concern about plans to delete apps that were not updated for two years in the Google Play Store. Some developers feel that Apple’s actions are too harsh. Google is not fair. Neither company seems willing to change course and – despite the concerns of developers – it’s the right move for the safety of users.

Google recently introduced new restrictions to Russian users of its digital content store. Developers will no longer be able to upload paid apps and updates to the Russian Google Play Store. The corresponding notice appeared on the company’s support page.

The Russian Google Play Store still allows users to download Android applications for free. Paid apps and games previously downloaded by users will continue to work. Google removed the Play Store payment system from Russian users in March.

When you attempt to buy or sign up for paid apps using the Google payment platform, an error message will be displayed. After the current period expires, developers will be able to extend the grace period. Developers can also defer paying subscription renewals using the Developer API for up to one year. If the application provides “critical services”, then developers are advised to make it free or temporarily refuse to provide the possibility of issuing a paid subscription.

Google notes that the current situation continues to evolve rapidly and further changes to the company’s policy may take place in the future. Google will inform users about all innovations via the support page.

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