Google will soon start testing topics, a new ads targeting technology

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There have been many complaints against Google and other major players in the field over the years. They claim they collect personal data and then sell it to advertisers. This is a violation of rights. Google is a vital player in the advertising industry, as you probably already know. Advertising accounts for 79% of Google’s $65 billion revenue. Advertising is not just for Google, but also for other companies like Amazon and Facebook. The current method of using cookies should be replaced by something that doesn’t raise concerns among users. Google is now exploring new ways to sell data to advertisers while respecting the rights of users. Google announced yesterday that it will transition to Topics by the end of next year.

Websites use cookies to collect user information and display ads accordingly. Website owners and advertisers use browsers like Google Chrome to collect the data that they need.

Both sellers and buyers of online ads agree with these complaints. They believe there may be other options. Websites could ask for email addresses to allow users to access the websites, say they. Chrome, Mozilla, as well as other browser manufacturers, can integrate other technologies into their products, which would allow them to collect data without violating rights.


Google uses a different approach known as Federated Learning of Cohorts. Some advertisers found FLoC less efficient last year. They believe that Google’s suggestion will cause all other advertisers to leave the market. They ask the antitrust authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom to closely monitor Google’s plans.

This is an enormous $250 billion online display advertising market. Advertisers will choose Facebook and Google based on their large user bases, even if Google changes to the new approach.


The aforementioned approach can be described as Topics grouping users in up to 15 baskets. There are approximately 350 options. You can choose from “fitness”, travel, cars, etc. Google’s algorithm places users in baskets after taking into account three weeks worth of browsing data. Advertisers will only see three baskets per user. The advertiser will then decide if this user is the one they wish to display their ad.

Google stated that the Topics feature will be used to track websites that have enabled the option. Users can disable it at -will.

Testing will start within months.

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