Google’s first foldable smartphone pixel notepad cost $1,400

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Jon Prosser, a tipper, revealed today that Google is very close to releasing the first Pixel Watch. The company appears to finally be ready, unlike previous years. According to the tipster, Google is known for delaying certain projects until they are ready for market. It is possible that the same thing happened with the company’s first foldable smartphone. Rumors suggested last year that the foldable smartphone launch would take place in Q4 2021. Some reports suggested that the Pixel 6 would launch with the foldable device, but this didn’t happen. Then, new leaks suggested that such a device might be delayed indefinitely. We believe that Google is making some progress, as the device has an alleged name and a price. The latest report indicates that the device will be called the Pixel Notepad.

The new report confirms that the Pixel Notepad moniker will be used for the first foldable smartphone from Google, contrary to previous rumors. This seems like a better choice, at least in terms of originality. Samsung already uses the name “Fold” in its Galaxy Z Fold series. Xiaomi also uses this name for its Mi Mix Fold. The Notepad name is fitting the search giant’s criteria. The device’s form factor, which is said to resemble a notebook or diary, makes this even more interesting.


The report claims that the Pixel Notepad will look closer to the Oppo Find N than the Galaxy Z Fold3. It will be smaller and more spacious. It also includes the price tag for the device. Google has set a price target of $1,400 for its first foldable device. The price will be lower than the Galaxy Z Fold3, which currently sells for around $1,800. Depending on where you live, it may even go higher. This is a great way for the company, as it allows them to enter this market with a device that is less expensive than their direct competitors. Everything will depend on what the specifications of the new foldable are.

The Pixel Notepad might not be a direct competitor to 2022’s flagships, according to rumors. It will likely use the same Tensor chip as the Pixel 6 series, which is slightly less than the competition. It will also choose a lower-quality camera setup. The 12.2 MP camera in the Pixel 2, 3, 4, or 5 series may be recycled by the device. Due to its thickness, Google will not use the 50 MP Samsung GN1 sensors. It will still have a 12MP IMX386 ultrawide snapper and two 8MP IMX355s to take selfies and make video calls. The one will be on the outer display and the other on the outer screen.

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