Google’s Pixel Foldable Might Have a Better Design Than Samsung’s Fold

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the most popular foldable, it’s not perfect. The Fold 3 is heavy and difficult to use when you get up from the couch. It also has a strange shape for its inner main display, as well as its outer cover display. If Google does attempt to compete here with the Fold 3, rumors suggest that it will. We just assumed that a Pixel folding device would look a lot like Samsung. A piece of new evidence suggests that a Pixel that folds may be a better option.


An animation was found in the latest Android12L beta 2 builds. It is part of a device set-up process that requires you to insert your SIM card. 9to5Googlefound an animation of a foldable device. It appears to have been marked “Pipit” in the code. This codename may be for Google’s Pixel foldable.

These animations often show devices in sizes and shapes that are not realistic, but this animation seems to be deliberately set up to highlight a real device. The animation, for example, shows exactly where the SIM card of the device would be in folded and unfolded state. It may be surprising that it doesn’t show a volume rocker at its side. This could indicate that Google might have a different configuration for the power button.

We really care about the design, as it showcases the actual device’s design. It looks more like a normal smartphone cover than the slim design on Samsung’s Fold 3. The wider cover means that the inside is larger, at least in terms of aspect ratio. The inside is almost square, almost like a 1:1.

The recently released OPPO FindN is a great example of how this Pixel foldable might look. Although it’s not coming to the US yet, it really caught our attention. It looks almost identical to the Pixel’s design.

This is good news for foldable, even though I don’t like them as much anymore. The OPPO Find N may be the first foldable that does it right in this form factor. If Google follows suit, I’d be happy to give it a try.

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