Gumi Cryptos Launches $110M Blockchain Startup Fund

Gumi Cryptos Capital(GCC), an early-stage venture capital firm that is focused on blockchain, has announced the establishment a $100m fund for blockchain concepts. This includes game finance (gamefi), web3 and decentralized finance.

“Consider of us blockchain’s experienced, high trust, high-conviction, long time choice, hands-on value contributing, unicorn to megacorn, builder-focused all-in venture society,”Rui Zhang, GCC managing Partner, said in a Statement.

Fund II will focus on software developers, decentralized, independent organizations (DAOs), co-operatives and many other areas. “at any layer at the early stage and is chain-agnostic,” according to GCC’s release. According to the statement “Fund II will fund in both equities and tokens.”

Gumi Cryptos will invest in both initial and follow-on projects.

GCC’s Fund II is the latest in a long line of venture capital funds that have been announced in recent years. Cypher Capital (a venture capital (VC firm) based in the United Arab Emirates, officially announced a $100 million fund that focuses on gamefi, metaverse, and defi.

Luno Expeditions is the investment arm of cryptocurrency exchange Luno. It has created a fund for fintech entrepreneurs. Griffin Gaming Partners (GGP), which is a venture capital firm has created a $750 million program for gaming innovation using blockchain and Web3 technologies.

Since January 2020, the companies in GCC’s portfolio have secured over $1 billion, according to the firm. Miko Matsumura, Hironao Kunimitsu, and Rui Zhang are among the company’s partners. In a statement, Matsumura adds, “We exist in the Experimental Age.”

“We can see how power structures and infrastructures, such as social infrastructure, financial services, governance and big tech, are failing us.” Because the path forward is uncertain, there is a great desire to try new things.”

Matsumura stated that Web3’s financial experimentation is represented by tokens, while DAOs and cooperatives are governance experiments. Whether endorsed by people, machines, or institutions, avatars symbolize “personality experiments.”

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