Gym Network launches a new DeFi platform with integrated affiliate system

GYM NETWORK is a revolutionary DeFi platform that allows affiliate marketing to be used. It allows users to refer others and earn commissions.

$13M Total Value Secured in 5 Days

GYM NETWORK’s initial product, the GYMNET Vault, reached a total value locked (TVL) of
$13 Million in the first five days following the launch

“GYM Network is not about reinventing the wheel but creating something new and innovative based on existing, proven systems,” says Alberto Mera, the system designer of GYM Network. “The biggest innovation comes from adding rewards to the user for participating in the protocol and implementing an affiliate system so that you can receive affiliate commissions for referring other users.”

GYM NETWORK’s Initial Product: The Vault

GYM NETWORK has ambitious goals laid out in a long-term roadmap, that reaches ahead into 2024, with the vision to become a metaverse that’s combining an ecosystem of diverse DeFi earning opportunities, allowing its users to access them via a single virtual world. GYMNET Vault, which allows users deposit their preferred cryptocurrency (it begins with BNB), and earn interest rates on them. Users will be able earn rewards by completing this transaction through the GYM NETWORK portal.

The GYMNET Vault connects to established DeFi platforms such as Alpaca Finance and adds a layer that allows users to earn both the interest rate offered by those platforms and the GYMNET rewards. A user can now invite other users through their GYM NETWORK affiliate link, and earn commissions as a share of the rewards and interest rates earned by their referred partner. The deposit amount can still be withdrawn at any moment.


GYM NETWORK, a completely decentralized protocol that operates on the Binance Smart Chain, is a fully-decentralized protocol. It is a combination of high yields and high rewards for its users. GYM NETWORK members can earn commissions by referring others. Certik audits smart contracts and has audited major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or OKEx.


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