HeadStarter Launchpad aims to accelerate the development of apps built on the Hedera Network

HeadStarter launched the HeadStarter Launchpad program to help accelerate the development and implementation of transformative projects using the Hedera public distributed ledger. Hedera’s “Strategic and tactical marketing plan for 2022” is focusing on galvanizing developers, entrepreneurs & institutions to build dApps on top of their DLT platform and features empowering hackathons, incentivized participation, and awareness programs through crypto conferences but also through online and in-person events.

The next hop in their ambition for a transformative 2022 is taking them to Dubai, UAE, at the AIBC Summit in Dubai, where Hedera & HeadStarter, the IDO Launchpad and Accelerator of the Hedera Hashgraph Ecosystem, co-sponsored a booth with the intention of raising awareness about their latest developments & initiatives, the unique technological capabilities of the DLT & driving unique projects and use-cases to the platform.

Headstarter and Hedera’s engagement with developers and the community at the AIBC Summit signified a keen focus on ecosystem growth and innovation with the aim of pioneering and driving the emergence of DeFi in the Hedera ecosystem.

The AIBC Summit was held at Festival Arena by Intercontinental Hotel Festival City, Dubai, UAE. It took place between March 20th and 23rd 2022. This is where policymakers, C-suite executives and legal experts in the emerging Blockchain space, as well as developers, gather to learn, share and discuss their ideas and projects.

Headstarter’s participation at the AIBC Summit in Dubai reinvigorated the interest in Hedera from those who visited the Hedera x Headstarter stand. Visitors familiar with the layer 1 DLT were delighted to see Hedera’s presence at an event in the emerging Crypto hotspot. Headstarter also had the opportunity to present Hedera’s best-in-class features and services to the DeFi community and web3 community.

The HBAR Foundation is the most well-funded grant treasury in Layer-1 networks. It provides generous funding for key Hedera projects. This has led to innovation steadily increasing over the past six months. There are many more ahead.

The initiatives powered by Headstarter and the HBAR Foundation provide developers and entrepreneurs the assurance that their innovation can secure multiple funding avenues and will be well received by the Hedera & crypto communities at large.

Headstarter Launchpad

Headstarter conducts a thorough review of every project in order to allow only the most disruptive and transformative to be allowed onto the public IDO stage. Headstarter is a community-focused accelerator program that helps grow ecosystem projects. It fully engages with all projects, from the ideation stage to the listing. Headstarter will assist startups with their expertise in strategy and tokenomics, gamification legal, best in markets practices, and more. Headstarter already has its own development team and launched their first Dev Tool to enable developers to write Hedera Hashgraph-compatible code.

Delivering all of these and many more, Headstarter will benefit enlisted projects in several ways—help them secure a committed user base, efficient token distribution system, access to funding, and sublime reputation attainment. Headstarter has all the hallmarks that a transparent launchpad should have. To ensure that potential investors are eligible to participate in public sales, KYC and regulatory compliance are integral parts of Headstarter.

Headstarter is a Hedera Hashgraph launchpad. We are committed to delivering industry-standard practice and implementing it.


Headstarter, an initial DEX offering, is available [IDO]Launchpad for the Hedera Hashgraph eco-system. Headstarter is a company that aims to integrate emerging technology, implement industry best standards, introduce transparency to the market, and provide legal experience. Headstarter has a set of deliverables to ensure that only disruptive and transformative projects are accepted to its program.

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