Doxx, a healthtech startup, launches following a seed round of $1.5 million

Doxx launches the first fully integrated digital platform in the MENA region, connecting medical professionals and institutional healthcare providers including pharmacies, labs, scans, and insurance companies, to support the patient’s medical journey, increase accuracy, as well as improve the quality of service while reducing healthcare costs for the patient.

The startup successfully raised $1.5 million in a seed round, with expansions to close the cycle of patients’ needs, while continuing to be the preferred app for doctors and patients. Doxx, which is led by pharmacists and doctors, is a patient-centric app that empowers patients to manage their medical records and live healthier lives. It also connects them with the best service providers in the area.

“Guided by our commitment to close the gap between the patients and the healthcare community and increase the quality-of-care delivery, we developed a comprehensive and inclusive platform, putting the patients’ needs at the center of our focus while providing benefits to all the healthcare stakeholders and participants. Doxx was created to be a trusted app for patients and doctors in single-source healthcare. We help patients take control of their journey and medical needs and address their healthcare needs well beyond booking features and prescription fulfillment in a single easy-to-use platform that will be their lifelong companion.” According to Sherif Broudy, Founder, and CEO of Doxx.

“We believe that Doxx developed a truly superior technology well beyond any existing point solutions that put the focus on the patient while creating value for all the healthcare stakeholders and value chain participants. Driven by the team’’s comprehensive knowledge of the market and a mission to transform the patient journey and support by a sustainable business was fundamental to our decision to capitalise Doxx to ensure a strong go-to-market launch and sustainable growth.” Stated Ash Rofail, Openner Founder and General Partner.

Doxx’s core message of empowering patients drove it to acquire 2600 doctors and 18 Polyclinics as well as 52 pharmacies, 26 labs, 26 medics, and 10 scan centres in the last four month. Operating in its Cairo-based office, Doxx is seeking to increase value-added services, which currently include home nursing, polyclinic visits, home visits, and in-clinic visits, besides several signature initiatives that target older patients requiring teleconsultation around the clock, home nursing, at-home doctors’ visits, and the needs of chronic patients’ care. Through its extensive network of pharmaceutical partners, the app works to offer competitive prices on medications. “As medical professionals and doctors, it has always been our vision to be able to track our patients’ medical history and files, it is essential to be able to diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment, Doxx delivers game-changing features that place the patients at the center.

At Doxx, patients’ records are easily accessible as well as medical prescriptions and doctor’s appointments in several fields, this is why Doxx is backed by Egyptian doctors who truly believe that with the right tools, Egypt will be able to transform its healthcare system,” said Heba Saher Hashem, Consultant of Neurology and Doxx Investor.

Doxx also offers medication delivery and other services. The application is expanding in the coming months to cover many governorates beyond the Greater Cairo Region.

“Elevate’s investment in Doxx is part of our fundamental commitment to elevating access to quality healthcare in Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the first of a series of investments in healthcare startups as part of Elevate’s healthcare-focused venture capital platform, with our participation in Doxx being a warehousing effort.

We believe that Egypt’s technological innovation, creativity and agility, as well as the large supply/demand gap in quality health services, are all necessary for it to become a regional hub of healthcare services. Elevate wants to be the engine that drives this growth. “We are excited to see the potential of Doxx as part of this vision,” said Dr. Tarek Mharram, Group CEO at Elevate PE & Elevate Healthcare.

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