Rology a healthtech startup secures Pre-Series B funding for MENA expansion

Rology, an Egyptian healthtech company has successfully completed pre-Series A financing. Egypt Ventures was joined by Sequence Ventures. Waseel Tawaref, Viktoria Ventures, and Sequence Ventures. HIM Angels and Cubit Ventures were amongst the early investors in this round.

It was launched in 2017 in response to a shortage of radiologists and delays in medical reports. The platform improves scan quality and matches patients from hospitals and radiology centres based on sub-specializations and experience. It generates reports in just 12 hours for cold patients and 60 minutes when dealing with emergency situations.

Rology is equipped to offer hospitals innovative solutions in a range of subspecialties including breast imaging, cardiology and chest radiology.

When it comes to the company’s goals, According to Amr AboDraiaa, co-founder and CEO of Rology, the firm had the obligation to enhance Teleradiology as a true solution for diagnostic issues to save lives following the pandemic age and the higher population growth in radiology demand globally and in the MEA area.

Rology’s position grew in importance as a means of assisting patients in receiving a correct diagnosis rapidly. As a result, the firm is expanding its platform to serve a wide number of hospitals and radiology centers in both urban and rural locations with little setup time and to increase radiologists’ productivity with AI radiology tools.

Including a great team at the reins, a much-needed solution, solid unit economics, massive adoption possibility, and great influence, feh Saleh, Founding Partner of Cubit Ventures, added that they are very enthusiastic to have played a role and are very thrilled to assist Rology’s quest to save lives across the Middle East and Africa.

Ahmed Gomaa (CEO of Egypt Ventures) says that telemedicine, which is a new and exciting sector, is now being accepted by the world and has experienced rapid expansion since the emergence of COVID-19. Their belief is that Rology, with its dedicated and young staff, will dominate the teleradiology section of telemedicine within the MENA.

The cash will be used to support Rology’s geographical expansion across the Middle East and Africa.

Technology has made every sector more productive, and the medical profession is no exception.

The healthcare business has grown tremendously over the years as a result of the simplicity and convenience provided by today’s technologies.

Rology is an example of a startup that has come up with new ways to improve the sector. It’s a platform that enhances scan quality and matches radiologists with patients. The platform addresses the shortage of radiologists as well as significant delays in medical reports.

Remote scanning of photos can help in more equitable distribution of interpretation work between sites and organizations with different volumes. This can allow radiologists to work more efficiently.

Telemedicine allows patients to connect with their doctors and also allows them to consult with other specialists for ongoing or future treatment.

Telemedicine’s primary purpose was to provide health-care services to patients in remote or rural locations, addressing issues such as a lack of medical experts and medical centers.

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