HELIXintel closes $4 million in seed funding

HELIXintel was officially closed today $4,000,000 in seed funding from the HSB fund of Munich Re Ventures, Stellifi and Lab VenturesTogether with any follow-on capital Motivate Ventures and Green Egg Ventures. The funding will be used to accelerate the company’s strong year-over-year growth and expand nationwide to help customers simplify their building management needs.

HELIXintel’s platform can manage any type of equipment in the maintenance ecosystem and caters to a wide variety of industries. Current partnerships with companies in all industries The United StatesThe platform supports real estate and manufacturing as well hospitality, education, health, agriculture, and many other industries. HELIXintel has formed partnerships with top OEMs and maintenance service providers to reduce the impact of equipment downtime, inefficient equipment and rising energy prices.

“Our team has years of experience supporting OEM equipment across the country, so we know firsthand that equipment management is fragmented, time-consuming and inefficient, causing businesses to spend more on repairs or new products and consume more energy due to equipment inefficiencies. HELIXintel helps you stay on top of your maintenance with a simple, intuitive, and collaborative platform,” HELIXintel CEO & Co-Founder Jon DeWald. “The latest round of investment will help us simplify maintenance needs for businesses that want to save time and money in the process.”

HELIXintel facilitates facilities management and seamless collaboration with suppliers, service providers, asset tracking, inventory utilization and availability, as well as insightful best practices for preventative maintenance.

“At Munich Re Ventures, we are committed to supporting companies that leverage technology to maintain and run equipment more effectively, efficiently, and economically,”  Timur Davis, Investment Principal, Munich Re Ventures. “Through our HSB fund, we are excited to partner with the HELIXintel team and support its mission to help businesses run smoothly.”

Munich Re’s HSB is a multi-line specialty insurance company that also provides IoT technology services, inspection, risk management and risk management. HSB, a leader in equipment breakdown insurance, understands the importance of preventive maintenance to lower costs, avoid downtime and keep equipment running longer.

HELIXintel also partners with Stellifi (a Proptech-focused Venture Firm formed by vertically connected real estate operators). OTH Capital. HELIXintel’s investment in so many groups reflects their core belief.

“HELIXintel is on a mission to change the way equipment is sold and maintained, providing owners with a complete platform to proactively manage, procure, and service their equipment. Property owners can realize substantial savings while reducing their energy consumption as HELIXintel connects them directly to procurement and energy rebates,”  Paolo Boero, Managing Partner at Stellifi.


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