HIGHSTREET Insurance Partners Launches New Brand

Today, in Atlanta– 200 of its top leaders HIGHSTREET launched one of its key investment initiatives – a new, modern digital-first brand. Built for the future, all of the new brand’s elements were created for a delightful digital client experience that will accelerate client growth for HIGHSTREET agencies and drive overall organic growth. Scott Wick, CEO, said, “It’s been quite a journey over the past few years, and we are very excited about the future. While we are a relationship company, we also recognize the changing environment and importance of digital transformation. We are well-poised to take advantage of both.”

The new brand brings together HIGHSTREET’S community-minded strategy and its culture of building resilient communities of the future. Angela WilliamsChief Brand and Communications officer, said: “We had all the foundational pieces of a great brand. This evolution allows us to accelerate our strategy, and differentiate ourselves in the market.  This is just the beginning of our digital plans to drive significant growth for our agencies and adapt to how our clients want to interact with us.”

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