Hiscox Uses CoreLogic Technology To Assess Insurance Risks

CoreLogicThe global insurance carrier was announced by, a global leader in property data and analytics-driven solution providers. Hiscox London Market has adopted the company’s PxPoint™ technology delivered via its RiskMeter™ platform as its primary source of geocoding. Hiscox can use RiskMeter to gain additional insight from property data in order to underwrite insurance policies with advanced geocoding technology.

Knowing a property’s exact location is crucial to understanding the potential risks of natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. RiskMeter delivers CoreLogic’s PxPoint geocoding technology to pinpoint a property’s location enabling accurate assessment of its level of exposure to these hazards. PxPoint offers geocoding to a building’s footprint level which is an essential level of precision when gauging a property’s likelihood of damage from a natural disaster. PxPoint integrates seamlessly with Hiscox’s existing technology and workflow via high-capacity APIs. These APIs deliver data in real-time, which assists in quickly and efficiently determining a property’s risk of disaster-related damages when deciding coverage options and costs.

“We worked closely with Hiscox to deliver PxPoint via our RiskMeter platform, providing a critical level of precision that provides insights into specific peril risk and portfolio-level exposure analytics,” said William Forde, senior director, at CoreLogic Protect. “This alliance is the crossroads of technology meeting the demands of modern insurance workflow,” continued Forde.

“The structural level accuracy of the PxPoint geocoding enables us to confidently assess and price a risk at speed for our underwriting APIs,” Paul Butler, London Market Technology Director at Hiscox, commented.

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