Homecoming closes $4M seed funding round


Homecoming closes a $4M seed funding round, a Toronto, Canada-based provider for tools that enable patient engagement in psychedelic therapies.

Evolve Ventures and Integrated led the round. Also participating were Amanda Feilding and Bridge Builders Collaborative. Ocama LP and JLS Fund participated as well as Michael Cotton, Seth Feuerstein and Talia Eisenberg. Jesse Hudson and David Fraga also contributed.

The company plans on using the funds to scale up its products, services and enable retreats and clinics to improve their operations, care for patients, and deliver better results.

Led by CEO Yuriy Blokhin, Homecoming is a patient care platform for psychedelic therapy that partners with psychedelic clinics, therapists, and retreats to support clients before, between, and after sessions. Homecoming provides support for healing journeys by providing personalized guidance, tasks, daily check-ins, and daily check ins. The company also offers preparation and integration support through one platform for clinics. Homecoming helps clinics reach more people and achieve their operational goals through modern therapy tools and precision data. It also provides enhanced management of all aspects of patient experience.

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