HONOR Magic V Foldable Phone Competes With Samsung Z Fold3

HONOR just launched the MagicV foldable phone. This is a first for the company in its history. Prospect users will be relieved when they see the RMB 9,999 price (approximately 1,570).

magic v front back

The Magic V, like Huawei Mate X2 foldable, is based on a design that is similar to Samsung Z Fold3 which has become the standard. Samsung was the first to get it right, giving it a lead of two years. However, competitors are now starting to catch up.

The HONOR Magic V features a 7.9 inch, 2272×1984, 90Hz folded display that the company claims is “creaseless”. We certainly hope it is true. 6.45-inch exterior LCD display is also available for quick checking out notifications or one-hand use.

The Z Fold3’s displays are slightly larger than those on the Z Fold3 so they might have a positive impact on the user experience. It will be interesting to see how it performs in our review, but this would be based on our experience with these foldable.

Honor promises a great sound experience thanks to its IMAX-certified speakers and DTSX Ultra-powered speakers. We are eager to hear the results.

The Magic V is also slightly thinner than its arch-competitor. However, it will not be enough to make a difference when it comes down to deciding.

It features three 50MP cameras at the back. This camera setup looks promising. We expect the Ultrawide and Primary cameras to have great hardware.

A third camera, a “Spectrum Enhanced Camera”, captures light that is not normally visible. This technology is used in Astro-photography. However, it could yield more data to improve visible-light photos. Honor wouldn’t add a camera for Astro, I think.

A 42MP Selfie camera with a zoom of 2.8 megapixels is also integrated into each display. This brings the total number to five.

The phone is powered by the excellent Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which we have reviewed in detail at its recent launch in Hawaii. A 4750 mAh battery (66W charge) ensures that a steady energy supply keeps the phone going.

You can choose from 256GB, 512GB or both with 12GB RAM. It seems that microSD storage is not an option.

The “foldable phone” market will be hot in 2022 as Oppo and Honor join the competition. We have already told you that Foldables would be huge. In 2021, the number of sold units skyrocketed and it appears that it will continue to grow exponentially by 2022.

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