How African startups can apply to the Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program

The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator program will allow the development of an open metaverse. It will invest in up to 40 blockchain startups per year, and as much as $250,000 per startup.

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The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming metaverse that is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands has pledged $50 million to Brinc for The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program in the next three-years. Brinc is a global venture accelerator.

Sebastien Borget is the Sandbox’s cofounder. He stated that the accelerator was created to “fuel the next wave in innovation, supporting a diverse array entrepreneurs as they create jobs, build new platforms, tools, and services for the metaverse. These are the skills needed to be a metaverse generation. “Disruptive moments are great for starting a business.”

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The accelerator’s mission is to invest in, mentor and educate promising startups and projects. It will also offer access to potential business development opportunities through the expanding networks of Brinc, Animoca Brands and The Sandbox.

Every startup in the world is eligible to apply for the accelerator. We are especially interested in applicants from Africa. The program’s goal is to create an ecosystem that is as diverse as the real thing. We need startups that provide services to, and from, people around the world in order to get there,” Nick Vivion (Brinc’s PR consultant) told

Only two of the 158 companies in Brinc’s portfolio are from Africa: Egpyt’s A1Smart Camera and Tunisia’s IRIS Technolgies.

Applications are now open for the Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator program. The first cohort will start in Q2 2022. This track is part of Launchpad Luna. It was launched in mid-2021 by Brinc and Animoca Brands as a partnership.

What will it look like?

Startups that will enhance the open metaverse are being sought out by the accelerator. These startups will be assessed based on their traction and technical expertise as well as their ability to provide unique experiences. Each startup accepted to the program will receive a $250,000 initial investment.

Additional grants up to $150,000 in SAND tokens will be offered by The Sandbox to the top performers. LAND grants will also be available. Startups with significant traction can apply for follow-on investments from The Sandbox and Animoca Brands.

To apply, interested startups can visit this website.

You are invited to apply for pioneering blockchain startups in art, collectibles and culture. The Sandbox will empower startups to actively engage with its growing user base and contribute to The Sandbox’s rapidly expanding ecosystem.

The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program supports the open metaverse built upon shared values and open, transparent, and decentralized governance. This will replace closed platforms and create a more sustainable digital future.

Sebastien Borget is co-founder of The Sandbox, and chairman of Blockchain Gamer Alliance. “The Sandbox’s Metaverse Accelerator represents a significant expansion of our ongoing commitment support the next generation metaverse entrepreneurs,” he said.

Borget said that startups can achieve their visions with imagination, ideas, and hard work. This will create more opportunities for all. We are especially keen to support founders from underrepresented backgrounds as they explore The Sandbox ecosystem’s infinite possibilities.

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