How Kenya’s Wowzi is helping creators monetise their social profiles

Kenyan startup Wowzi has developed an online marketplace that “democratizes influence”, connecting everyday social media users with big brands, and enabling nano and micro creators to earn money by spreading brand messages via social media. 

It was launched in 2020 by Brian Mogeni (Mike Otieno) and Dr. Hassan Bashir. Wowzi a self-service online platform that allows brands from any industry or size to create massive, distributed messaging campaigns. It uses thousands of customers and fans every day who are paid to give authentic endorsements for products they love. 

“Every day, we are helping emerging creators monetize their social media presence through micro-jobs or gigs online commissioned by brands,” Mogeni told Disrupt Africa.

“Wowzi is building and grooming trusted influencer networks and organizing niche communities online and offline, offering brands the most powerful targeting platform available in emerging markets.” 

Startup verifies social media users’ authenticity and continues to learn about them and their connections with niche audiences. These communities are then compiled and made available to brands as outreach resources. 

“Going far beyond AI-matching tools, our end-to-end managed service for automating massive influencer campaigns offers a new layer of marketing for brands at a scale that’s never been possible before,” Mogeni said.

All-encompassing, and extremely popular, with brands like Netflix, Safaricom, Diageo, Coca-Cola, P&G and Absa Bank using Wowzi to design campaigns involving 5,000 or more people at a time. Wowzi is a great tool for helping brands to engage celebrities on social media. Previously, they could only get a handful of celebrity endorsements and struggled to set pricing, talent management, job fulfillment and understand ROI.

It has already recruited 70,000 influencers in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. This was primarily by word of mouth and it also added 70,000 more late last year. Banked US$2,000,000 seed roundTo help it increase marketing efforts in order to scale up further. 4DX Ventures led the round, which saw participation from and Golden Palm Investments, LoftyInc Capital and Future Africa. The total amount of Wowzi funding raised to date was US$3.2 million. 


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