How to use an iPhone Face ID While wearing a mask or glasses

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One of the major concerns for iPhone users since the coronavirus pandemic was that they could not unlock their phones with Face ID while wearing a mask. The Apple Face ID won’t work if you have a mask on. Apple finally released a solution after months of protest from iPhone users. It required an Apple Watch. This solution is not possible because not all iPhone users have an Apple Watch. Apple has an answer to this problem, and it is available with the iOS 15.4 update. The latest iOS 15.4 update includes an exciting new feature: the face unlocks with masks.

This feature allows you to unlock your iPhone even if you are wearing a mask. It does not work with sunglasses. This feature is very popular with many people, but they aren’t sure how to use it. This article explains how to use the feature on iOS 15.4.


First, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 users can only use Face ID with masks. It does not work with glasses or any other obstructions to the face.

There are still risks with iOS 15.4 as it is still in beta. The iPhone 12/13 series is the primary smartphone of many people. It is important to remember that this update is beta. Some features might not work correctly. If you do decide to install iOS 15,4 make sure to backup your important data in case of an error.

Sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program to get the latest version of the system. Open the website using your iPhone and click on register. You will be prompted if you wish to use a Face ID with masks. It is crucial to capture your facial features at this stage in order to improve accuracy. If it does not, don’t worry. Just complete the registration.

Once you have completed the registration, the website will offer the option to download the file. After clicking download, proceed to the installation of your description file. You will need to enter your password, and you will be asked to agree to a lengthy statement (which most people don’t read). You will then receive the push from the beta testing system.

It takes approximately ten minutes to update the iOS 15.4 Beta System. After you have updated and restarted the system, iOS 14.5 will be available to you. This includes the Face ID unlock feature with a mask. Follow these steps if you didn’t record your facial features using an automatic prompt

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Passcode & Face ID. To access this menu, you will need to enter your passcode.
  3. Scroll down to Use Face Identification With a Mask, and toggle it on.

To ensure accuracy, it is crucial that you record your facial features as soon as your phone turns on. The system will need to know where you are located on your face. You can wear a mask to make Face ID payments after unlocking.

The Settings app now has a toggle to enable or disable Face ID when wearing a masque. There’s also a new feature called “Add glasses”, which makes Face ID more accurate when wearing glasses and masks simultaneously.

While scanning your face, you don’t have to wear any mask. You can also add multiple glasses to your scan if you have multiple glasses. You don’t have to wear glasses for the first scan. After the first scan, tap on Add Glasses to request a second scan. This time, you will be asked to wear your glasses. This process should be repeated with every pair of glasses you use when using your iPhone.

Face ID will now be available for all your Apple Pay transactions, including unlocking your iPhone or verifying financial transactions.

You can opt-out at any time

It is easy to opt-out of betas. Simply delete the description file you have installed. Go to Settings -> General-> Description File and Device Manager. You will then be able to download only stable versions after you delete.


iOS 15.4 also allows you to unlock your iPhone using a mask. Here are some of the most important and exciting features this update brings.


This feature is now available for iPad OS 15.4 beta and macOS Monterey 12.3 beta. To control multiple iPad tablets and computers around them, users can use the same keyboard and mouse (touchpad/keyboard) on their Mac computers. However, the devices must be logged into the same Apple account.


iOS 15.4 Beta now supports Emoji 14. This update adds 37 new expressions to the app and 75 skin colors, totaling 112. The new skins include melting yellow, heart gestures, peeking Emojis, lip biting and salutes.


Apple’s iOS update brings the Apple Card widget from the “Wallet” application. It can be added to your home screen to display the current balance, and other information.

4. 120 HZ for ALL IOS Apps

The latest iOS 15.4 beta supports 120Hz in all apps, according to reports. Apple has made it easier to use the smooth display technology in most applications. It may take several weeks, or even a whole month for the user to get it. Apple has just released iOS 15.3. The information is sourced from a developer who claimed that he received the news from Apple. To prove his claims, he shared some screenshots.


iOS 15.4 beta updated added support for adaptive triggers on the controller — making the iPhone and iPad experience more like the PS5. This information comes from MacRumors. The update is still in beta and it is unknown if this support will be included in the final patch.

The Dual Sense controller is one of the highlights of PS5. It can provide a more immersive experience thanks to an advanced haptics engine with adaptive triggers. Game developers can adjust the pressure to be applied with triggers. They can also adjust the feedback.

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