How you are draining your smartphone battery

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The way you manage your Battery will determine its longevity, regardless of whether you are using an iOS or Android phone.

It can be difficult to get through a whole day without your smartphone. There are many options for USB and battery packs, but these may not be enough.

These are five things that can drain your smartphone’s battery power that you might not have realized:

Audio streaming

You may notice a decrease in battery life if you listen to music or podcasts at work using services such as Apple Music or Spotify. You can’t do much about it other than plug your phone in. However, you can try downloading songs to your phone via Offline Mode on Spotify. This will avoid having to stream all the audio.

Screen brightness

Smartphones have larger, brighter, and higher resolution displays. This can impact battery life in a significant way. Although you can’t do much without your smartphone’s display, there are some things you can do that will reduce the impact it has on your battery life. Adaptive brightness is a feature that Android smartphones have that automatically adjusts the brightness to your needs. You can also toggle iOS’s Auto-Brightness setting.

Apps with background activities

Check your settings and take a look at which apps are draining the most battery. You can disable background app refresh for the most draining apps. This will save you energy and keep you from wasting precious battery. You can restrict data usage for specific apps on Android by going to Settings > Data usage > Control. You can then choose which apps will be allowed to use WiFi, Data, or none at all. You may also want to disable autoupdating apps. This happens in the background when it is turned on.

GPS Services

Your battery can be drained if your phone is constantly tracking your location. It’s constantly updating and connecting with the GPS. You can reduce the time it takes to drain your battery by turning off location services or changing your app settings so they only check your current location when you use the app.

Bluetooth not switched off

You can kill your smartphone battery by leaving it on all the time. To save your battery, turn Bluetooth off whenever possible. Wifi is better than cellular data and can save you battery. Connect to wifi whenever possible. You can also switch to airplane mode if there is no or weak signal. This will save your battery.

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